Download Name Play Duration
download 8th July 2018 Rev Richard Attew
16:40 min
download 3rd June 2018 RTRev Peter Hill Confirmation Service
16:39 min
download 31st-March-2019-Revd-Richard-Attew
13:26 min
download 30th September 2018 Rev Richard Attew
18:28 min
download 30th December 2018 Rev Christian Okeke
29:24 min
download 29th July 2018 Rev Christian Okeke
28:15 min
download 28th October 2018 LLM Karen Swanton
20:52 min
download 28th-April-2019-LLM-Karen-Swanton
15:11 min
download 27th_January_2019_LLM_Karen_Swanton
12:12 min
download 24th June 2018 Rev Christian Okeke
26:41 min
download 24th-March-2019-Revd-Anne-Keeble
25:45 min
download 24th-February-2019-LLM-Karen-Swanton
14:17 min
download 22th July 2018 Rev Richard Attew
22:28 min
download 21st October 2018 Rev Richard Attew
15:33 min
download 21st-April-2019-Revd-Anne-Keeble
26:39 min
download 20th Jan 2019 Rev Richard Attew
16:17 min
download 19th August 2018 Rev Ernie Guest
19:59 min
download 18th December 2018 Rev Ernie Guest Finale
12:16 min
download 18th November 2018 Rev Ernie Guest
25:47 min
download 17th-February-2019-Rev-Richard-Attew
19:09 min
download 17th June 2018 - Rev Ernie Guest
27:20 min
download 15th July 2018 Rev Christian Okeke
33:10 min
download 14th October 2018 Rev Anne Keeble
16:41 min
download 14th-April-2019-Revd-Christian-Okeke
27:24 min
download 12th August 2018 Rev Ernie Guest
31:45 min
download 11th November 2018 Rev Ernie Guest Remembrance Sunday
20:47 min
download 10th_February_2019_Rev_Richard_Attew
16:36 min
download 10th June 2018 Rev Richard Attew
20:37 min

We are committed to Safeguarding Children, Young People, Victims/perpetrators of Domestic Abuse and Vulnerable Adults.
The PCC has adopted the Church of England’s policies and best practice on safeguarding which may be found on the Church of England’s website.

Our Parish Safeguarding Officer is Kim Allen, who may be contacted at church or by email